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John Micklethwait
Editor-in-Chief, The Economist Group

"Rob executed some of the best initiatives we have seen, his work has proven a great success and has helped to secure The Economist’s future as a leader in the industry."

Nobuko Kato
Global Head of Communications, Takeda

"Rob introduced a number of highly acclaimed initiatives, transforming the company's landscape. We truly appreciate the strategic path he set in motion for Takeda to continue."

David Marshall
Global Head of Marketing and Sales, Syngenta

"Rob led a group wide strategy and vision for creating a cloud and mobile first culture by developing and integrating touch-points into the overall company strategy."

Iain Howe
Client Services Director, BBDO

"Rob is a passionate leader, with a clear vision of success. His ideas driven approach pushed my team to excel, and his conscientious insight paved the way for future strategy - a real asset for any brand."

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